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The presence of wasps can create an uncomfortable environment and panic in both residential and commercial properties. Our Canberra’s wasp control service is an easy way to deal with a wasp infestation. As wasp stings can cause anaphylactic reactions and pain, we also provide emergency/same day control solutions for wasps. At Secure Pest Control, we have specialised control methods for pests like wasps. Our experts are trained to conduct safe and effective wasp removal at all types of properties. We always recommend our emergency pest control solutions for wasps, especially since death is also a potential consequence of wasp stings.

Wasps at a commercial property like shopping centres, hotels or office areas can prove highly disadvantageous. It can lead to the loss of money and time and a bad reputation for your business. Therefore, quick response and professional help is essential to deal with wasps as soon as possible. With our Canberra’s wasp control service, you get advanced control solutions customised for the requirements of your property. In short, your property will be effectively free of all wasps in no time.

Types Of Wasps

At Secure Pest Control, wasp control service by us always involves both non-lethal and lethal methods. We customise our solutions depending on the wasp species and the precautions required for your property. Our team includes some of the top wasp control experts in Canberra. This allows us to provide effective and reliable wasp control solutions. Here’s a brief introduction to wasps that usually infest your property:

  • Normal Wasps Normal wasps are 12 to 16 mm long and have two black antennas. These wasps breed and spread quickly and thus quick response is advised for them. Normal wasps survive on the diet of insects. They don’t always pose danger to humans but it’s still not safe to have them inside or near your property. With our Canberra’s wasp control service, you get time-saving and permanent solutions for normal wasps.
  • Sand Wasps Sand wasps are about 22 mm long and eat nectar, flies, and many other insects. These wasps are not violent unless you provoke them and they only attack in swarms. At Secure Pest Control, we provide both lethal and non-lethal solutions for sand wasps. Our team has already removed sand wasps from many residential areas of Canberra.
  • Mud Wasps  Mud wasps are easily identified due to their colour. They are either yellow and black or orange and black. These wasps eat plants, nectar, and insect fluid. While mud wasps do not always require professional help, it is advised for safe and effective removal.
  • European Wasps With translucent wings and 12 to 17 mm size, European wasps are easy to notice. This can help you avoid their stings as European wasp stings are extremely painful. We recommend quick response and professional control services for these wasps as well.
  • White-faced Brown Wasps These wasps are pollinators and thus play a major role in the good health of our planet. White-face brown wasps in your garden will prove beneficial for you in many ways. Although, any type of wasps can create panic in homes and commercial establishments. If you need our removal services for these wasps, just give us a call and we’ll deal with them right away.
  • Tree Brown Paper Wasps Tree brown paper wasps are yellow and have dark brown or black marks on the abdomen. These wasps are usually found near trees and residential areas. With our wasp control Canberra, you get quick, effective, and reliable solutions for tree brown paper wasps. We can also help you safeguard your property from such wasps.
  • Wasp Control Canberra Our wasp control process always begins with a thorough inspection of your property. This allows us to learn about the type of major or minor wasp infestation you have. An inspection also helps us identify the species of wasps. Then we can customise the best control solutions for the infestation. During wasp control Canberra, we rarely use lethal control methods. We always use safe but effective methods to remove wasps from inside or near your property.

At Secure Pest Control, we are required to provide lethal methods for wasps as well. These lethal methods are the only way to deal with certain wasp species. We have to use such methods to protect you from the potential dangers of wasps. After the removal, we conduct a quick inspection to ensure the non-existence of wasps. Then we help you safeguard your property from further wasp infestations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wasps aggressive towards humans?

German and common wasps are always aggressive towards humans. Intentional or unintentional, any kind of provocation cause these wasps to sting. Certain wasp species are also known to be aggressive when there is a lack of water or food. At Secure Pest Control, we recommend professional help and quick response to avoid any such incidents with wasps. With a single call, our experts will be at your doorstep within the hour and remove all wasps from your property.

Is it ok to kill wasps?

No, wasps are exceptional pollinators and contribute to the maintenance of our planet’s ecosystem. Some wasp species can also remove cockroaches and various other insects from your property. Therefore, you should not hurt or kill wasps unless it’s unavoidable.

Are bees and wasps the same?

The major difference between them is that bees only eat nectar and pollen, while wasps eat nectar, insects, and insect fluid. In short, wasps are carnivorous and bees are not.

What’s the best way to deal with a wasp nest?

As Canberra’s wasp control experts, we believe professional help is the best and safest way to deal with wasp nests.

Is your wasp control service available during weekends?

Yes, our wasp control service is available on both weekends and holidays. We also provide emergency response teams to make things easier for you.

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