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Dead animal removal in Canberra is frequently searched for service in Australia. Death of an animal in the attic, rooftop, yards or even in an office can arise major problems that can be effectively handled only by professionals like Secure Pest Control.

Immediate removal of the carcasses is of utmost importance hence we at Secure Pest Control serve emergency dead animal removal. Canberra’s most efficient, prompt & cost effective services are delivered by our trained professionals.

Dead animal removal Canberra

Animals like rats, squirrels, possums are often found dead. They are intrusive in nature and build nests inside your home or enter your home/office in search of food. Often possums enter houses in search of rats or mice, rats & squirrels in search of food enter your building and get trapped and die.

Carcasses of dead animals can be found on rooftops, under porches, in the attic or even floating in pools. The reason for death may differ but the threats they cause remain the same. So apart from setting baits it is very crucial to get a professional dead animal removal in Canberra.

Common signs you have a dead animal at home:

If you notice a foul, disgusting odor in your home coming from corners in the house.

The decomposition begins immediately so if you notice fluids draining out in corners & crowded spaces you have a dead animal somewhere.

If you notice leech or other pests it is because the carcass has rotten completely.

  • Threats- Dead animals in your house should be removed without ado in order to protect your home/office and the people who live or occupy the space. Multiple threats that exist in your space if you have a dead animal are as follows:
  • Attracts pests- The decomposition begins immediately which causes fluids to drain out, develops leech and this attracts different kinds of pests in your home. These pests are merely an addition to your misery.
  • Health risks- A dead animal creates a favorable environment for pests to live in. Once pets enter your home they lead to outbreak of diseases like jaundice, malaria, asthma, diarrhea, skin allergies & illness.
  • Stains- Fluid coming out of the carcasses can stains your valuable curtains, floorings or other fragile items that come in contact with dead bodies of animals. These stains are often difficult to get rid of at home.
  • Creates stench- The most important & unpleasant threat that dead animal bodies cause is the odor in rooms. The decaying causes the body to create an unbearable stench that makes the entire atmosphere at home or office horrible & unhealthy.

How do we do it?

  • Dead animal removal in Canberra is not an easy task. It’s not just about removing the dead body questions like how it died? How did it get there? What should be done to prevent this in future? Should be considered for better results. Our professionals at Secure Pest control perform the task in a four step procedure for complete customer satisfaction.
  • Dead animal location- The team carefully inspects the home for odor & to locate the dead animal. They also find out why it was there, how it gained access to your home, how it got trapped and what should be done to remove it and what tools should be used in the process.
  • Dead animal removal- Canberra’s finest tools & equipment are used in order to remove the dead animal from your home/office. Once they locate the animal their remains are eliminated manually by our trained technicians. This process is highly affected by the temperature levels in the house. It’s a complicated task & needs proper tools to be executed.
  • Deodorization- the team uses deodorizers to eliminate the stink completely from the house. This step is very important in the entire dead animal removal process.
  • Critter eviction- merely removal of carcass is not sufficient so our team addresses important issues by sealing the potential entry points, eliminating reasons that can cause re-occurrence & also by trapping existing animals in the house.
  • Restoration- Apart from evicting odor & dead animals from the space the attic is properly restored for your betterment by our team. Insulation services ensure all round treatment which leaves your attic looking fresh as ever.

Secure Pest Control’s odor elimination service

The worst part about having a dead animal in your house is the odor it eliminates due to decomposition. This odor is usually putrid and can last from days to months if not treated properly. It also affects your mental well being & work quality and leaves an awful impression of you on guests & visitors. Secure Pest Control provides exquisite deodorization service to help you get rid of unpleasant unwanted smell from your house. Deodorizers are applied after the treatment/removal of dead carcass; the deodorizers are organic & don’t just mask the smell but eliminate it completely giving you a refreshing feel in your space.

Animals we cover

There are many animal species who frequently move in suburbs seeking food. These animals can die and be found both indoors & outdoors. Often they get trapped in compact faces and die. Removing their dead carcasses is very difficult hence we serve dead animal removal Canberra for the following animals:

  • Squirrels
  • Rodent
  • Skunks
  • Mice & rats
  • Raccoons
  • Armadillos
  • coyote
  • Birds etc

If you find a dead animal in your home or office a professional approach like that of Secure Pest Control towards removal & control can give you a hygienically clean & pleasant environment to live in. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction; so if you are searching for efficient & timely dead animal removal in Canberra give us a call at 0251400051

Why us?

With Secure Pest control at job you can enjoy benefits like:

  • Affordable carcasses removal all over Canberra; no hidden charges are imposed.
  • Trained, certified & skilled technicians are sent to your home to remove dead animals. They are experienced & have  a sound knowledge to perform the task efficiently
  • Eco-friendly products are used in the process; these products are safe for pets, children, senior citizens & patients in your home.
  • We cover all kinds of animals & pets removal and deliver services right at your doorstep for your convenience.
  • We cater to same day service & emergency pest control service requests by customers.
  • We are available on weekends and public holidays as well.


Do you provide service during emergencies?

Yes. We provide same day & emergency services to our customers’ requirements. Just give us a call and our helpline executives will schedule an appointment.

Do you also provide pest control?

Yes. We provide excellent pest control treatment all over the suburb. We cover ants, spiders, fleas, wasps, pet ticks & even rodent control treatment.

Is your treatment child safe?

Yes. The chemicals we use for extermination & deodorization are organic and pet & child safe.

Do you serve commercial offices for animal removal?

We provide dead animal removal Canberra to both domestic & commercial clients.

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