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Unlike most pests, ants do not cause any permanent damages inside your home or commercial property. But they can cause a lot of discomfort for you and your loved ones. Our Canberra’s ant control service can thoroughly remove all types of ants from your property. We have experts that have an extensive understanding of ant species. This allows us to ensure satisfactory results with all our ant control solutions. At Secure Pest Control, we use widely approved and recommended methods for effective ant control. Our experts can also safeguard your property from further ant infestations.

When it comes to commercial properties, the discomfort caused by ants can have major consequences. These consequences are money loss, dissatisfied customers, bad first impressions, an unpresentable environment, and so on. That’s why immediate attention and treatment is necessary for ants. Our Canberra’s ant control experts are trained to find and deal with ant nests. This helps us remove all ants from your property and deal with the causes at the same time.

Ants travel both during the day and night depending on what they require. They always move around in groups and use the corners of your walls for travel. This makes it easy to identify them and deal with the infestation before it spreads everywhere. The first target of ants is often the kitchen, so you can keep an eye out and see if you notice any in your kitchen. If you do, get in touch with us immediately for a quick response and treatment. Our experts will come and conduct thorough ant removal at your property in no time.

Risks of Ant Infestation

Ants rarely pose any danger to humans and some ant species are actually friendly. Although, red ants are popular for biting humans. These bites are known to cause a lot of pain, skin infections, and bite marks. Bites from a group of fire ants can be poisonous and lead to anaphylaxis reactions and death in certain cases. At Secure Pest Control, we can prevent such incidents with our ant control Canberra. We always use certified products and methods to deal with ants. This allows us to provide the best control solutions for all types of ant species.

Professional Ant Control Canberra

With Secure Pest Control, you get certified and top pest control experts in the world. Our experts can quickly find and deal with all ant nests inside or near your property. Our Canberra’s ant control experts always examine the carpenter ants to find the nests. These ants move around all the time and eventually get back to the nest. Once we deal with the nests, the rest of the ants are easy to remove.

Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra, ant control service by us is available all across Australia and always just a call away from you. We make this possible with our certified experts, commercial-grade equipment, and advanced solutions. Our control service involves both pre-determined steps and customised solutions. Here’s how we usually conduct the ant control process:

  • We begin with a careful inspection of your ant-infested property. This helps us understand the causes and impact of the infestation.
  • Our experts then deal with all the cracks, small pathways, and wall corners that provide ants with easy access to water or food.
  • During ant control Canberra, we use pesticides, anti-repellent sprays, washing powder, and so on.
  • We also use ant baits to attract and trap ants. This is one of the easiest ways to deal with ants.
  • After the treatment, we conduct a quick inspection to confirm the results of our solutions. This also helps us find and deal with any remaining ants.
  • We then help you safeguard your property from further infestations, and make you familiar with DIY ant control methods.

Why Choose Us?

Secure Pest Control is one of the leading pest control and prevention companies in Australia. We provide comprehensive pest control services to both residential and commercial properties. Our services are widely recognised and approved by top pest control experts in Canberra. Ant control service by us comes with the guarantee of satisfactory results and reliability. Our pest control services involve many benefits for you and your property, including but not limited to:

  • Emergency/Same-day Ant Control
  • Certified Pest Control Company
  • Precautionary Inspection
  • Eco-friendly Service
  • Advanced Solutions
  • Qualified Experts
  • Fair Price Range
  • 24/7 Service

With our ant control Canberra, you also get a free DIY guide on ant control and prevention. This will help you deal with ants in time and protect your property from a full-grown infestation. If you need our services, all you have to do is call and our experts will come get to work right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a permanent solution for ants?

At Secure Pest Control, we recommend the regular use of ant repellents for a permanent solution. If that doesn’t work in a month, get our control solutions and we’ll remove all ants for good.

Can I deal with Argentine ants without professional help?

Argentine ants are difficult to deal with and known for returning to the same places. The best way to deal with them is with proper ant control services. Such services are designed for the thorough removal of such ants. Therefore, it’s the best and safest way to deal with Argentine ants.

How can I prevent ants in my kitchen?

You have to store your food, water, and especially sugar in places where it is not easily accessible to ants. This will prevent ant infestations in your kitchen.

Do you provide urgent ant control services?

With our ant control Canberra, you always get effective, time-saving, and reliable solutions. But the duration of the treatment depends on the impact of the ant infestation and requirements of your property.

Is your ant control service available on Sundays?

Yes, our ant control service is available on both Sundays and Saturdays. Just give us a call and we’ll be at your doorstep within the hour.

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