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We're always here to help you
We're always here to help you
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Secure Pest Control is responsible for performing pest control in Canberra and its suburbs. We provide a wide range of pest control services, many of which prevent the spread of diseases and pesky insects. We have a team of skilled technicians to go a step further in performing pest control with the utmost precision. Further, we offer pesticides and pest spray services in Canberra.

In addition, we provide rapid and effective disinfecting and sanitizing services for all your properties, be it residential or commercial ones. Our skilled pest controllers can eliminate all-weather pests like mice, roaches, bees, rats, fleas, mosquitos, etc. While providing these treatments stay assured as all our pest control services are available at nominal prices.

Our products including disinfectant and sanitizer spray are biodegradable and effectively kill pests and bacteria. We then also sanitize it afterward to prevent your place from getting infected with all the pesticides or materials used while treating. Since we have a qualified team of technicians, no doubt you will receive excellent and quality pest control treatment always. With more than 20 years of experience, guarantee 100% satisfaction and are available 24x7 and 365 days a year. We are also available on public holidays and weekends. You can contact us anytime as per your convenience; our team will be at your doorstep in no time, even during an emergency or on the same day of booking.

All our above qualities make us the best pest control company in Canberra. You can schedule our pest control services on 0251400051 today!

Why Hire Us

Why Choose Us?

Secure Pest Control is a top-rated pest management company in Canberra. We offer reliable and excellent pest control, inspection & treatment, and pest prevention services at reasonable costs. We provide all kinds of pests’ eradication, including dead rat removal, possum removal, termite control, rodent control, and many other services. If you want to search our services, type “pest control services near me.” Not just that but we also provide the best end-of-lease pest removal service and pre-purchase pest inspection in Canberra.

Also, you can discuss a variety of pest solutions suitable for you with one of our representatives. Thus, whenever you search for effective pest control services near me, do hire us out. We are available 24x7 at your service, so schedule your same day pest control in Canberra today! All our experts are experienced and IICRC certified and are equipped with modern tools and techniques. Our services are affordable and can be offered on the same day of booking.

We are always open to serve:

  • 24x7 emergency and same-day services are delivered from our end.24x7 emergency and same-day services are delivered from our end.
  • 25+ years of experience in pest control.25+ years of experience in pest control.
  • Look after the safety of your loved one while performing the pest control treatmentLook after the safety of your loved one while performing the pest control treatment
  • 100% guaranteed results and customer satisfaction100% guaranteed results and customer satisfaction
  • Our professionals use advanced tools for pest control in CanberraOur professionals use advanced tools for pest control in Canberra
  • We promise 100% customer satisfactionWe promise 100% customer satisfaction
  • Our specialists have full accreditation from the governmentOur specialists have full accreditation from the government
  • We have IICRC certified and licensed technicians with usWe have IICRC certified and licensed technicians with us
  • We cover all areas and suburbs in CanberraWe cover all areas and suburbs in Canberra

So, why let those creepy little creatures rule in your place when it's yours? Get in touch with us now and eliminate the pests residing happily on your property!

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Our technicians are well-qualified and trained to treat all kinds of pests. Also, for your family’s safety, it’s important to clean and sanitize the entire area after the pest control procedure is done. Moreover, for the convenience of the clients, we offer emergency pest control in Canberra. Feel free to reach us. To book an appointment you can call us at the number mentioned on our website.

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Importance of Hiring Best Pest Control Company in Canberra:

Getting rid of the pests present in your home is a difficult job. If you decide to DIY or use home remedies, it won't be possible for you to completely eliminate pests since you are not aware of the places these nasty creatures hide and rest in. one small mistake can risk your and your family’s life. It can even damage your property if you do not use appropriate products. And in case, pest infestation has extended widely, it will be harmful to you to deal with them with home remedies and DIYs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable Answers to Common Questions

1. Will you help me control roaches at my place?
Yes, you might know that roaches are seen at night time and they are found in homes mostly in the kitchen or cracked walls. Book an appointment with us today, so that we can help you provide pest control services in Canberra.
2. Can you explain pest management?
Complete removal of a pest is not possible and is not a feasible option. Then pest management is conducted which means the application of options to reduce pest numbers to an acceptable level by use of various strategies in a systematic way.
3. Do I Have to leave my home when you provide service?
Most of the time, it will not be necessary to leave your home; however, we will ask you to leave the immediate area where your pest technician is working. Your safety is our priority, so utmost care is taken during the application and choice of pest control products. In case, it’s necessary for you to be out of your home during a treatment, we will inform you before for your convenience.
4. How are regularly scheduled pest control services beneficial?
A regularly scheduled pest service will stop pests before they become a problem. Basically, it allows our technicians to watch for and spot possible signs of pest activity and act immediately to eliminate any threat. As someone said- “prevention is better than cure.” A preventative, proactive approach to managing pests will safeguard your family and home from irritating and harmful pests.
5. Why should I have a termite inspection by a pest controller?
Detecting termites is really not easy if you don’t know what to look for, where to look, and haven't had experience. Thus, it is advisable to hire pest control technicians who are trained in termite detection and are experienced at inspecting many different types of homes. In the houses that have not had termite inspections even once, the first sign of termites is only after there is important damage to floorboards, cupboards, or even wall/ roof timbers.
6. Are Pest Control Sprays Safe Around My Children And Pets?
Absolutely yes, here at Secure Pest Control, we only use the safest, eco-friendly, and fully tested products available. The treatments are also used in schools, hospitals, food manufacturing, child care centres, and many other sensitive situations. For us your safety is our priority, hence, in the interests of being extra careful and for full peace of mind there may be certain situations when we ask you to vacate the house during treatment. Don’t worry! This is fully discussed and explained to you prior, as well as we seek your permission before conducting any pest control procedure.
7. How long does it take to see results after the initial treatment?
Results will vary according to the type of pest, treatment methods, and products used. For some pests like yellow jacket nest removed or treated with a liquid pesticide can show immediate results. Whereas, for some pests like rodents, ants, and termites the baits procedure takes longer since the pests have to ingest the product for it to be effective. Our specialist will outline what results to be expected for your particular issue.
8. Why hire a professional rather than DIY?
Pests are a resilient bunch and hide in your home in places you would never think. At Secure Pest Control Canberra, our pest control experts will know where to look for pests and make recommendations on what it will take to control or remove pests. Moreover, all our professionals are licensed and thus allowed to apply pesticides.
9. Who is responsible to pays for pest control services when renting?
Usually, landlords are responsible for undertaking general pest control services. It consists of maintaining a pest-free property while removing fleas, wasps, possums, and other pests. The landlord should complete the pest control procedure after the end of lease of every previous tenant. However, it can also be vice versa if it is mention in the rental contract that the tenant is responsible before leaving the premises.
10. How long does pest control last?
You may choose any pest control services in Canberra, the overall impact of the pest control treatment will last for approximately 3 to 5 months. But, with Secure Pest Control, you will obtain value for your money invested in the services. Plus, our experts provide suggestions for the future prevention of pests on your premises.
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