Possum Removal Canberra

Possum Removal Canberra

Possums are cute creatures only till they dwell on trees and remain away from the urban spaces! Once, they venture into houses, roofs, and gardens they cause a lot of havoc, damage and disaster to human living areas. We at Secure Pest Control are recognized Possum Removal experts in Canberra. The possum catchers working with us are the best ones in Canberra. They are extremely experienced and professional in their work. They also specialize in dead possum removal and removal of alive possums from any property. For possum removal Canberra it is necessary to first thoroughly review and inspect your surroundings to find the possible entry point of possums into your property. We are aware of the legalities and hence make use of the appropriate methods to control or remove them without attracting any legal action now or in future. These animals are endangered and hence killed them is illegal by law. We have years of experience and expertise in effective possum removal from your residential property. Our pest control company offers safe possum removal services all over Canberra on the same day of booking.

If you notice unfamiliar squealing and thumping sounds from the roof, weird smells and droppings all over the house then these are indications of possums. As soon as you notice any of these things in your residential or commercial property, then contact the possum removal professionals Canberra working at Secure Pest Control. We are always glad to help you out. You will get the most reliable and efficient service from our possum catchers Canberra who also can do possum proofing for your Canberra house. Book our Canberra possum catchers today for availing same day or emergency possum removal in Canberra.

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Things to do When You Spot Possums Anywhere on Your Property

  • Firstly you need to find out the entry points of the possums from where they might have entered your property.
  • After correct identification of the possible entry points of the possums, you need to block all of them so they do have any scope to enter again.
  • Possums tend to leave a particular odour from a gland in their bodies. This they do to mark their territory. So if you come across any such weird smells, then at once fumigate and cleanse that place so that no stench remains.
  • Block entry spots to your house from the points which are useful for possums for entering from outside.
  • Do not keep any place unlit in your house. Possums dislike well-lit places and hence they would be prevented from entering your property if there are too many lights on.
  • If there are any drooping tree branches hanging from trees over the roof of your house then make sure to cut them and keep the branches short. As possums won’t be able to enter the house through the roof if there are no overgrown branches opening towards your roof.
  • If there are any repairs due, then you may want to do them during the time of dawn or as the day ends. As that is when possums leave their shelters in search for food.

Places Covered By Secure Pest Control Professionals 

We have a team of expert possum catchers Canberra who are efficient in possum removal from different premises. We are available across Canberra with our team of certified and licensed possum removal specialists in Canberra. Our professional possum catchers Canberra have experience of possum removal from a variety of places that include, housing complexes, apartments, restaurants, food joints, industrial and commercial places, schools, hospitals, churches, government buildings and more.

Why Choose Us?

We are your first choice when you need to hire someone for possum control near me or possum pest control near me. Contact Secure Pest Control when you are in urgent need of possum pest control Canberra. Our possum catchers Canberra do a quick and an equally efficient job of ridding your property of possums with the help of possum pest control and possum proofing Canberra.

  • We provide immediate and same day dead possum removal services in Canberra.
  • Our possum catcher Canberra professionals are familiar with advanced and modern tools for controlling the movement of possum and possum removal.
  • Our possum removal experts have more than 20+ years of experience in dealing with possum removal, dead possum removal and possum pest control Canberra.
  • We aim to deliver 100% customer satisfaction with our work.
  • Our possum removal specialists have complete government certification and licenses to catch and remove the possums.

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Contact Secure Pest Control on 0251400051 for dead possum removal and possum proofing your Canberra home at attractive prices and discounts!


Why are there possums on my roof?

Possums are basically nocturnal animals, which means that they come out at night to eat, roam, and breed etc. on the roof. Contact Secure Pest Control for having possum removal for your Canberra residence. Or when you spot dead possums and you require dead possum removal.

Can you remove and relocate a possum?

Yes, Secure Pest Control is authorized to remove possums from properties where they are causing hindrance. Contact us for immediate possum removal and dead possum removal services in Canberra.

Are the possums on my roof damaging for my home?

Possums can chew on and eventually damage the cavities in the roofs. They can also leave urine stains on walls that can smell very pungent. They leave an overwhelming smell when they die. So, if you spot a possum or any signs of its existence immediately contact Secure Pest Control.

There is a dead possum on my roof. How to remove it?

It is tedious for someone to remove it manually. Hence, call Secure Pest Control for the hygienic removal of dead possums from your roof. The professionals will provide possum removal service and also disinfect the roof properly.

Are the possum catchers authorized to kill the possums?

No. It is illegal to kill a possum under Australian law.

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