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Rodent infestation is common in Canberra and affects several commercial and residential properties. They are attracted to apartments and offices as they offer them water, food, and shelter. They can be seen throughout the city, society, and field in the country. They are a threat to the health, economy, and well-being. They can even cause severe problems in humans. Pregnant ladies could experience stillbirth, miscarriages, or other health issues.

The mouse plague of 1993 caused damage worth $96 million. After that, the plague of 2010 caused damage to three million hectares of crops across Australia. Nowadays, rodents are becoming a common issue in Canberra for every homeowner. Our expert rodent pest control technicians are experienced and make the tackling of pests easier than before. So, call us and resolve your pest issues at the earliest. We even offer a sanitisation service to prevent any health disorder. Get in touch with Secure Pest Control and let our technicians handle everything for you.

Rodents include rats and mice, and they are present throughout Canberra. We specialise in rodent control and rodent treatment Canberra. The most common type of rodents we control are:

  • Brown Rat
  • House Mouse
  • Garden Rodent

Ways to Keep Rodents Away from Your Establishment

  • Rodents hate the fragrance of peppermint oil – and so do other pests such as spiders. You can use this and make your homemade cleaners.
  • The effective way for rodent control Canberra is maintaining cleanliness. Vacuum regularly, inspect every corner, and change sheets periodically. Plus, use disinfectants to remove contaminants and germs.
  • Use adhesive tapes to eradicate rats from the property. Dispose of the tapes and bag by incinerating them. You can use this method when the infestation is not out of control.
  • You can apply heat to the affected area to remove rodents. Ensure that the heat is sudden, or else the rodents will escape to other places.
  • Use glue boards, cryonite, pheromone traps, and good hygiene. This is a reliable non-chemical rodent treatment Canberra.
  • Use chemical control solutions to eradicate rodents.
  • Hire a professional rodent control company that is licensed by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). Secure Pest Control is a certified pest control company offering reliable pest control, rodent treatment at an affordable price.
  • So, if you are looking for the best pest and rodent control near me, get in touch with our staff.
  • Pass on the hassle of eliminating rodents to us. Our professional rodent pest control technicians will take care of the infestation in no time. Call us today and ask for a express booking on-call.

Make your home and office mice-free with our residential and commercial rodent control service

Rodent infestation is a serious concern as it causes heavy loss to the property and health. It is essential to understand rodent behaviour and possible health issues associated with it. At Secure, we have expert technicians that specialise in rodent pest control and removal. Further, there are a few more reasons to hire our pest control technicians, such as

  • 100% guaranteed results
  • 24 hour available
  • Emergency rodent treatment Canberra
  • Inconspicuous service
  • Inspection cameras and endoscope
  • Same-day pest control, rodent treatment
  • Residential and commercial rodent control Canberra

Hire us and end your search for the best pest and rodent control near me. Call on 0251400051 today!

Ways To Identify Rodent Infestation

There are almost 12 indicators to identify a rodent infestation in office or home:

Rodent Droppings – The most obvious clue for rodent infestation is the sight of rodent droppings in the kitchen cabinet, counters, and shelves. The droppings are smooth and pointy at the ends. Furthermore, they are 4mm long. They have a pellet shape and blunt on both ends. Rodent droppings are mostly scattered but are found close to feeding areas, shelters, and runways.

Rodent Tracks – You may see possible rodent tracks in the mud, dust, and dirt. Sometimes, rodent tails leave behind the mark. Tracks are easily traceable on dusty surfaces. You can dust the area with chalk dust or talcum powder to get rodent tracks. Give it some time, and if you see small tracks that mean that rat was here.

Runways – Rodents tend to take the same route every day while looking for food. As a result, they leave 50 mm wide traces of runways in dirt or grass. Generally, you can notice these next to buildings or fences.

Gnawing – Rodents chew down everything that comes across. If you notice holes in walls, subfloors, ceilings, behind the cupboards, bathtubs, cabinets, etc., it means that rodents were there.

Burrowing – If you notice burrows all along the ditches, fences, walls, woodpiles, low vegetation, rubbish, under the building, and concrete slab, it means that you have a rodent infestation.

Urine Stains – You can easily see urine stains under the black light.

Grease Marks – Rodents have oily skin and fur that leaves grease marks against the surface they come in contact with. You can notice grease marks near the walls and holes.

Nests – Rodent nests can be seen in the basement, garages, utility, and roof voids. They are generally made using shredded paper, packing material, wall insulation, and plastic. It looks like a loosely woven ball.

Sounds – Rats come out at night, making it difficult to see. But you can easily make out their presence through the sound they create while moving around. If you notice rats’ sounds in the night and are looking for a reliable pest and rodent control near me, remember we are just a phone call away.

Odors – In a place with poor ventilation, you can easily smell the musky odour and rat urine.

Partially consumed food – Rats tend to leave behind partially consumed food. They eat almost all the food, but at times, they leave half-eaten food or food crumbs around.

Alive or dead rodents – Rodents are nocturnal, meaning they come out at night to look for food. Sometimes with a high rat population, low-ranked rats hunt during the daytime. It happens because they do not get sufficient food during the night. So, if you see a rat in the day, it is a positive indication of a rodent infestation.

Dead Rodent Removal Service

Dealing with dead rodents is not an easy task. They are known to spread several life-threatening diseases. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional dead rodent removal company to save you and your loved ones from the possible cross-contamination.

Secure Pest Control offers a safe and reliable dead rodent removal service. Plus, we even sanitise the affected area to ensure the 100% safety of your family members.

So, if you are looking for reliable pest control, rodent treatment, and rodent removal company, remember we are just a call away.


Are rodents harmful to business?

Rodents can cause severe damage to the business. They can contaminate food items and put everyone at risk of falling ill. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional pest controller to eliminate rodent infestation.

How often should I get a professional rodent control Canberra service?

It is advisable to hire a professional rodent control company once a year to ensure that rodents do not infest your property.

Do you offer commercial rodent control services?

Yes, we offer rodent control and removal service at both commercial and residential places.

Are rodent pest control solutions safe to spray inside?

Our technicians use safe and eco-friendly pest control solutions that do not cause harm to humans or pets.

Which is the best pest and rodent control company in Canberra?

Secure Pest Control is a licensed pest control company in Canberra and is known for providing affordable pest control services. So, whatever pest issues you have, call us!

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