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Borers are the bugs that damage the wood timbers. They assault old furnishings and the primary woods like ground surface, conveyors, joists and timbers. If borer dust, outlet holes and grass are common in your home or office, then this is a sure sign that a borer is attacking your place. Borers also cause serious damage to pine floors and furniture. This is because their small larvae grow and feed on the inside of the wood, weakening the furniture and causing it to completely collapse. This explains why you need to get rid of these pests. However, removing borers is not an easy task. You need an experienced and professional team for borer control and treatment.

Secure Pest Control is a reliable service provider for borer control in Canberra. We are here to safeguard you and your furniture from these pests. Ignoring these tiny pests can cause the collapse and destruction of your wooden furniture. Controlling the intrusion of borers in your home is important because they operate in hidden places. Hence, you will have to inspect your furniture hooks and corners to trace their location. Therefore, borer inspection and treatment require specialized and skilled pest controllers. We at Secure Pest Control have an excellent team that focuses on the root cause and eliminates pest infestation without complications.

So, do not wait for too long. Once you observe these tiny pests around your place, connect with us as soon as possible to stop the destruction of your valuable wooden furniture. We value our customer’s time and understand the depth of urgency and reach the place in time and start the work.

Why Hire Us for Borer Control in Canberra?

Secure Pest Control is a renowned company that provides the best borer control in Canberra. Have a look at our key features:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Hassle-free booking
  • Expert local pest controllers
  • Affordable and quality services
  • Same day borer control in Canberra

Do not hesitate to call us anytime. We are just a call away. Our professional pest controllers are always ready to eliminate pests.

Methods of Borer Treatment

  • Surface Treatments  At the point when borer perversion is restricted to a specific surface then this technique will be compelling. This keeps the wood borers away from entering your furnishings. Thus, it saves your furnishings and that specific surface from these pests.
  • Spot Treatment Spot treatment is a generally utilized and best technique for borer control in houses. It utilized a legitimate ventilation framework to control the dampness. Then the spot is covered with torments or polyurethane and water sealants to shield the wood from dampness and consequently avoid borer infestation.
  • Freezing Treatments  This strategy is viable for small furnishings. In this technique, your furniture is stuffed in plastic and frozen for about fourteen days. Then, at that point, once it arrives at room temperature, it eliminates the bugs.
  • Use of Pesticides In this strategy, we shower synthetic substances or insect sprays on your property for borer control. We use Boracareor or Timbor and water. These fluids are infiltrated in wood and they stay there for quite a long time and forestalls borer pervasion. These synthetic compounds keep the pests under control.
  • Fumigation Method Fumigation is somewhat of an intricate and costly strategy. It needs experts to direct this technique. We at Secure Pest Control utilize safe synthetic compounds for fumigation methods. These synthetic substances are destructive to just pests and not children or pets at your home.

Benefits of Borer Control Services

There are many reasons why you should hire professionals for borer control services. Borers are destructive and may result in financial loss. They will also torture you mentally. Here are some reasons why you must look forward to borer control services:

  • The borers damage the structural material.
  • They also damage wooden furniture and accessories.
  • They infect sapwood and hardwoods.
  • Some borer species attack the wood with high starches such as oak, walnut, mahogany, ash and bamboo.
  • They not only damage furniture but also harm agriculture and forestry.
  • Their attacks can be induced by carrying fungi on trees. This is more damaging to wood and furniture.
  • Borers can also cause wildfires.

So having borers in your location means guaranteed damage to your valuable furniture. It can also affect health by wood rot fungi. These damages and health threats cause great losses to your pocket. On the other hand, professional borer control services offer you a safe way to get rid of these tiny creatures. These treatments will stop the damage and you do not need to fear health issues. So call us today and get these little monsters removed from your place. This is the best way to secure your home or office. Dial our number and talk to our staff about the situation and book our exclusive services of borer control in Canberra. We are here for you, always.


What if I ignore the borer infestation?

Borers are known for major destruction. If you ignore the infestation, they will damage your wooden furniture and ruin the hygienic atmosphere of your place.

Can I use home remedies for borer control?

Yes, but borers are always hidden under the wood and hence it may be difficult for you to find their location and treat them. Hence, to force-stop their infestation, you must call professionals.

Can I get rid of borers in a single day?

Yes. For this, you have to call us for same-day borer control services in Canberra. We provide hassle-free same day services. By availing of this service, your place will be treated within a single day.

Do you provide commercial borer control in Canberra?

Yes. We at Secure Pest Control have experienced pest controllers that can treat any big or small place. We serve both commercial and residential places. Connect with us right away.

How to know your cost for the treatment?

Our services are transparent and genuine. You can call us directly and get a free quotation.

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