Silverfish Control Canberra

Silverfish Control Canberra

You might have encountered some silver and gray creepy creatures while cleaning the bed box or bookshelves. These insects are called silverfish. They are quick and fast when it comes to hiding. As soon as you run after them, they jump onto another place. Their feeding habits create trouble for humans. Infestation of silverfish can be controlled easily by taking pest control service from Secure Pest Control. Book the silverfish control Canberra service and say bye to these unwanted beings from the house.

When the nuisance by silverfishes increases, it becomes impossible to manage them with regular cleaning activities. Professional help is a must to eradicate them from the root. After looking at the damage caused to things, people take service from any random agency and then get disappointed. But gone are the days when you had to pay extremely high prices for the services. You can directly reach out to Secure Pest Control and get the silverfish control Canberra facility to make the house pest-free.

How Silverfish Affects Human Life?

  • Silverfish may look small but can be highly destructive. They are nocturnal and can disappear quickly from the sight. Their nests can be discovered near the source of food. They love to feed on different items such as books, clothes, and foodstuff. If you find that the silk clothes and book bindings are getting damaged, then there is a probability of silverfish infestation.
  • The bedsheets and pillow covers can also become their place to hide. People often get skin allergies after using the same bedsheets. Individuals suffering from asthma should be very careful of these silverfishes. These insects can also dwell in the sealed cereal packages in the kitchen. They also attract other insects like cockroaches and spiders to feed upon them.
  • Overall, it is harmful for human beings to let the silverfishes feed on their things. They not only damage the property but also affect human health. Team of silverfish control Canberra specialists can come to your residence and provide their special service quickly. You just need to call Secure Pest Control and proceed further with the booking.

How to Determine the Existence of Silver Fish?

There are several common indicators that can help in identifying whether the silverfish is present in the house or not. Let’s have a look at those signals:


You can find faeces and cast skin of these insects near their habitat. If you can see little pepper-like waste near the books and clothes, it could be an indication of silverfish.


Check the books, wallpaper and linens properly. If there are yellow stains on them, chances of silverfish infestation can be there.

Check Clothes, Glue and Cardboard

If you find any holes and tears in the clothes, cardboard boxes and other places where glue is used, then without any doubt, you must consider silverfish control Canberra treatment.

How the Professionals at Secure Pest Control Execute Silverfish Control Plan?

Identification and extermination of silverfish from the house requires expertise. Our team has thorough knowledge about these insects and prepares a proper plan to eradicate them. The Complete procedure starts with a detailed inspection of the sites where damage has been discovered. All the breeding and dwelling places are identified. Certain steps are taken to deal with this problem:

Humidity is the major reason behind the increase of silverfish in a place. It is ensured that all types of leakages are checked and ventilation is maintained in the room to avoid these pests. Our experts also use humidifiers to make a place moisture-free. Moisture facilitates the growth of moulds and silverfishes feed on such moulds.

  • Vacuum cleaners are used to take out insects from all the cracks and narrow places.
  • Starch-rich food is stored inside air-tight containers. This ensures that these pests don’t get enough food.
  • Windows are sealed and old wooden cabinets are removed from the area of invasion to eradicate this problem.
  • Books, clothes, cabinets, and other affected things are placed in the sun. This is done to dry the things and kill the silverfishes.
  • Non-chemical diatomaceous earth is used to remove these insects.
  • Chemical sprays provide the most effective results in removing the pests. These chemicals are sprayed after every month on the calls and joints of floors.
  • Cyber WP is a product available in powdered form. It is applied at the entry points of the silverfishes.
  • Cimexa dust is used in all the possible hiding places of the silverfishes.
  • Baits are also kept at different locations. The pests get attracted to them and die upon eating those baits.

The above mentioned are the steps taken by the professionals at Secure Pest control to eliminate the silverfish from residential and commercial complexes. If you want to get benefit from such amazing service, then book the silverfish control Canberra without any delay.

Some Easy to Implement Tips for Silverfish Prevention

  • All the dark and moist places must be free from any kind of trash and clutter.
  • Places such as bookshelves and bed boxes must be cleaned on regular basis.
  • All the possible feeding material for silverfish must be kept in air tight containers.
  • Cracks on the walls and other places must be sealed properly to stop silverfish from making their shelter there.
  • If you find even a single silverfish, without any delay contact the silverfish control Canberra team.

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Frequently Asked Questions at Secure Pest Control

What are things that become feeding material for silverfish?

The silverfish usually eat books, flour, papers, clothes etc.

Does a silverfish bite?

No. Teeth of silverfish are very weak and it is not possible for them to bite a human.

How do these pests enter in the house?

Soil and the tall grasses in the garden become the main entry points for the silverfish.

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