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If you are hunting for the “best emergency pest control Canberra” you have landed on the right page. Secure Pest Control has been successfully exterminating pests from homes and offices for several years now.

Armed with tailor made techniques, latest tools & trained technicians Secure Pest Control serves finest pest control services all over Canberra. Our local technicians make same day pest control in Canberra feasible.

Why do you need professional pest control?

Pest can enter your home/office through many ways and even though extermination is possible, preventing them is a troublesome task. Pest causes major damage in very less time and the only available option to get away with the nuisance pests cause is availing emergency pest control Canberra.

Professionals are:

  • Well equipped with tools & pesticides to treat pests
  • Experienced & have appropriate knowledge on pest control
  • They give long lasting & effective results unlike home remedies & DIYS.

Same day pest control Canberra

Pest at home or office cause damage to life & property they enter your home/office seeking food & damage food, fabrics, important documents and even plants in your space. Pests can cause diseases like diarrhea, jaundice, asthma, salmonella etc; hence they need to be treated without any further delay. To enjoy a pest free working or personal space availing same day pest control in Canberra is crucial. We have local technicians hence it is very easy for us to provide you services in case of an emergency. Our helpline executives schedule appointments on the same day of booking as fast as possible and within an hour our technicians will be ready to serve you at your doorstep.

Benefits of same day pest control services

  • Damage protection- Pest at home contaminate food items & feed on curtains, clothes, books & paper documents thereby damaging them. Same day service helps get rid of pests immediately; thus giving very less time to pests to cause any damage.
  • Reduces health risks- Emergency pest control in Canberra helps eradicate pests completely, it also destroys their eggs thereby reducing health risks like diarrhea, flu, illness, asthma, sinus, skin allergies etc
  • Convenience- Same day service is the most appropriate if you are looking for pest control treatment as per your convenience. We schedule extermination as per your time & requirements and execute the whole process without causing any disturbance.
  • Creates a good impression- A clean & pest free home shows how particular you are about the hygiene & safety of people who live in or work in your home or office respectively. It creates a healthy impression on clients, guests, friends, visitors etc.

Fumigation technique for emergency pest control

Canberra’s multi ethnic lifestyle demands unique & brilliant solutions for pest control. This is why our team mostly prefers the fumigation method. This is the safest method of extermination and is highly effective when dealing with tiny pests like ants, silverfish, termites etc. This method involves use of a fumigation machine to create fumes; these fumes are then pumped into corners & possible entry spots of pests to annihilate them completely no matter where they hide. Fumigation ensures 100% pest removal in less time period.

Eco-friendly solutions

The aim is to provide you with the finest emergency pest control in Canberra without causing harm to the environment. Hence the products or pesticides used in the pest control treatment are organic & environmental friendly. Moreover they do not cause any harm to children, lactating mothers, patients, senior citizens & pets in your home. These solutions are applied to prevent & exterminate pests and are allowed to dry off completely before moving forward. The effect lasts as long as six months so you need not worry about pests reappearing in your home/office. In fact these pesticides do not get washed away even with rain water so you can avail pest control for outdoors as well.

What do we serve?

Secure Pest Control is the leading pest control treatment provider all over Canberra. They have been serving emergency & same day pest control Canberra to both commercial & domestic clients for the following:

  • Termite control treatment
  • Bed bugs control
  • Borer control treatment
  • Wasp control
  • Rodent control treatment
  • Cockroach, lizards, ant & spider control
  • Pet ticks’ control treatment
  • Flea control treatment
  • Mosquitoes & house flies control
  • Dead animal removal service
  • Bird netting etc

Who do we serve?

We provide excellent pest control treatment to home & office owners. Our clientele includes:

  • Co-operative societies, Buildings
  • Bungalows
  • Old age homes & orphanages
  • Flat or apartment owners
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial businesses
  • Schools & libraries
  • Gym
  • Hotels, motels & restaurants
  • Recreation centers
  • Retail outlets

We strive to give you a pest free & healthy household with our all round pest control solutions. For timely, reliable & long lasting pest control treatment anywhere in Canberra get in touch with Secure Pest Control at 0251400051

Why pick us for emergency pest control Canberra?

Hiring us can give you several benefits besides same day pest control treatment like:

  • Eco- friendly sprays & solutions that neither harms your property nor your loved ones; they are also pet safe
  • Well trained & certified professionals are sent for pest control
  • We use only latest tools to perform the task
  • We cross check our technicians backgrounds for your safety purposes
  • Most affordable same day pest control in Canberra.
  • Prompt & trustworthy pest control with 100% guarantee
  • Customized pest control treatment at your doorstep


Do you also provide emergency services on weekends?

Yes we serve emergency pest control Canberra on weekends & public holidays as well.

How much time does the process take?

It takes approximately 2-4 hours for extermination; but in some cases it depends on customers’ needs & extent of infestation.

How often should I avail pest control?

As per our experts it is very crucial to avail professional pest control treatment every 6 months, especially if you have pets at home.

What other technique do you use other than fumigation?

Apart from fumigation we also use heat treatments, baits, pesticide sprays to eradicate pests from your home or office.

Aren’t pest control sprays more affordable as compared to pest control?

No. Anti-pest sprays you find at departmental stores may be cheaper but have temporary effects. Moreover pests get immune to these sprays after sometime making them a waste of money. On the other hand professional pest control has long lasting effects and is much cheaper & convenient to avail pest control twice every year than buying sprays every fortnight.

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