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Secure Pest control has been serving a wide range of commercial & domestic clients with pest control in Calwell. A tidy & well kept home is what we all seek; we decorate our home or office with the finest upholstery items for our comfort & to create a good impression on guests & visitors. But what if you have to share your beautiful personal/work space with hidden enemies like pests? In today’s times pests are becoming a major area of concern, hence Secure Pest Control provides you exceptional all round pest control services in your budget.

We understand that apart from being messy & disgusting pests also cause havoc in your home or office. Therefore we aim to serve you with the best pest control. Calwell is a huge suburb and pest infestation is a growing problem in every single household. But with our customized solutions & trained technicians you can achieve your goal of living in a pest free home effortlessly. Just get in touch with our helpline executives for free inspection of your home or office.

Why pick Secure Pest Control?

Customized solutions: We believe that every home is different and so is pest infestation. Hence we provide tailor-made & different solution to all our customers depending on their needs

Eco-friendly insecticides: The pesticides used in the extermination are eco-friendly. We provide pest control without damaging the environment or causing any harm to your loved ones.

Trained team: Our team is qualified & well trained to perform pest control. They are constantly educated on new advancements in pest control treatment. They have knowledge & experience to execute pest control in Calwell.

Latest tools: Our team is armed with the latest machineries in order to serve you with the best pest control service. These tools & equipment are different from regular ones and give desired outcome in very less time.

Cost effective pest control: Calwell’s most affordable pest control treatment is served by us. Our motive is to give you a pest free home at most reasonable rates right at your doorstep. We don’t impose hidden charges and provide free inspection before treatment.

Benefits of pest control Calwell

Pests enter your home in small numbers and end up settling with the entire colony. Pests like ants, cockroaches & silverfish attract other pests like rodents, lizards etc. These pests are swift & multiply faster than expected, hence it is very important to avail professional pest control in Calwell. It has multiple benefits like:

Reduce health risks: Not all pests are harmful but most of them can cause an outbreak of diseases like asthma, jaundice, malaria, dengue, nasal congestion, skin allergies & throat allergies. Their bite can also cause redness of skin, bumps on the body & other health risks. They are also harmful for your pets. A pest control treatment can help get rid of all these health risks that are caused by pests at home/office.

Damage protection: Pest not only causes disease outbreaks but also damage your upholstery & interior. They cause cracks in walls & floorings, they feed on fabric & paper, they contaminate food in your house. Hence pest control is a necessity even if you notice a single pest.

Healthy surrounding: Pest control treatment is usually performed in a vacuum cleaned home. Post treatment the dead pests are removed. This ensures a healthy & hygienic space for you to live with your loved ones. A clean workspace helps you perform better at the office and this is possible only with pest control Calwell.

Create a good impression: a pest free home/ office helps you create a long lasting & dynamic impression on your friends, guests, clients and visitors. They get to focus more on your work than pests.

Why hire professionals for pest control Calwell?

Some may consider that a clean house is a pest free house but pest infestation can be due to multiple reasons which has nothing to do with cleanliness. So merely cleaning is not going to help you prevent pests or pest infestation. Similarly avoiding professional help in case of pest infestation and relying on home remedies will not be helpful in the long run. Home remedies or anti-pest sprays show quick but temporary results. Hiring professionals from Secure Pest Control will give you myriad of benefits like:

  • They are experienced and know pests in & out thus ensure best results in pest control Calwell.
  • They are well equipped with tools that help them perform the task efficiently.
  • They have proper understanding of chemical solutions & apply them for extermination & prevention of pests.
  • Them doing the job helps you save time & energy. Hiring professionals makes it convenient for you to relax while the pests are being removed from your home/office.

Areas we inspect before pest control Calwell

Pests are hitchhikers who move actively when it is dark outside. Most of the pests like ants, spiders, silverfish etc are also very small in size hence they can infest even most inaccessible spots in your home or office. Hence our experts at Secure Pest Control carefully inspect the following areas for infestation before they begin the process:

  • Rooftop
  • Interior parts of the building
  • Exterior parts of the building
  • Subflooring & under-floor space
  • Timber Walls
  • Carpets, Rugs & other upholstery
  • Garage and garden area.
  • Pipes & corners of doors & windows
  • Driveways, paths, fencing, staircase and backyard

What services do we offer?

We take pride in serving the best pest control services to our clients for all kinds of pest control. Calwell is a multi diverse suburb, people from different backgrounds live here. Likewise your house is infested by a variety of pests and we provide treatment for all. The technique used to eradicate may differ according to infestation, but we guarantee unmatched results.

We provide pest control treatment for:

  • Mosquito control
  • Flea control treatment
  • Ant control, nest removal & extermination
  • Rodent (rats/mice) control, extermination & dead rodent removal
  • Wasp control, wasp nest removal & extermination treatment
  • Wood borer & wood worm control & prevention treatment
  • Termites control treatment
  • Cockroach removal, cockroach extermination treatment & fumigation of cockroaches
  • Bat control, spider control & lizard control
  • Bed bug control treatment
  • Silverfish extermination treatment
  • Snake & scorpion control
  • Dead animal removal

Process of pest control Calwell

During the extermination of pests our team at Secure Pest Control uses various techniques like fumigation, pest-regulator spray, heat treatment etc. The extermination of pests is divided into a four step process which is as follows:

Pre-treatment inspection: The team initiates with carefully monitoring your home/office; they check for infestation & damage occurred. After inspection they find out the kind of pest, extent of infestation, damage caused, pests entry spaces & then they determine what strategy should be used in order to get rid of existing pests.

Extermination: Now the team applies a blend of chemical solutions that repel & kills pests on infested areas in the house. Professionals know hiding spots of pests & treat those spaces appropriately. They either pump fumes using fumigation techniques or place baits to attract pests and then eliminate them completely.

Post extermination treatment: once they exterminate the pests the entire space is cleaned & cracks in walls & floorings are sealed. They also apply resilient sprays on possible entry spots and spaces out of your reach.

Final check: Once the job is done the experts arrange a revisit to make sure that pests do not reoccur. Proper inspection of the space along with the customer is done to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Pest spray service

Anti-repellent pest spray service is also provided by us. It is mostly for outdoors and to prevent pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, flea, pet ticks etc from entering your home. These sprays are mostly applied after the treatment. This technique is highly effective to keep crawling pests away from your home/office. One may consider opting for regular sprays from departmental stores but they can be harmful to your & your family. On the other hand the sprays we use at Secure Pest Control are pet & children safe and eradicate pests completely. You can call us and book pest spray service at affordable rates.

Same day pest control

Calwell’s most effective & fast pest control treatment is provided by Secure Pest Control. We understand that pest infestation is an emergency that needs to be dealt without any delay; hence we provide same day pest control as fast as we can. The helpline executives will revert to you within an hour and provide you a feasible solution immediately. Our team comprises local technicians hence it is easy for us to serve you in times of emergency all across the suburb.

We understand that you might have a busy schedule and hence holidays are the only time when you can focus on household chores properly. We are available to serve you 24/7/365; you can book our services for weekends & public holidays too. We are well known for our same day & emergency pest control services all over Calwell.

End of lease pest control Calwell

It is very important for tenants to return the landlord's property in pristine condition; especially if they have pets at home pest infestation is a common issue. Pest infestation is common in rented homes but they should be treated carefully to avoid threat to life & property. Hence we also serve end of lease pest control to our customers’ requirements. Our professional team performs the task with finesse in order to avoid any kind of harm to the property.

Commercial pest control

Pests in offices like silverfish, rodents, ants etc can end up damaging important documents & creating an unhealthy workspace for employees. We understand the need for efficient pest control treatment in offices and provide the same. So far Secure Pest Control has served a varied list of reputed commercial clientele like commercial offices, retail outlets, theatres, banquet halls, schools, libraries, shopping malls etc.

Pest control tips

Here are some helpful tips in order to prevent pest infestation in your home or office:

  • Regular dusting & vacuuming of your home is necessary
  • Sanitizing all the corners of home with disinfectants from time to time
  • Store your food in air tight containers.
  • Keep your pets and their belongings clean & tidy.
  • Cleaning beneath the upholstery will also help prevent pests
  • Sealing the cracks in walls & flooring.
  • Dispose of trash properly.
  • Use fly screens for windows
  • De-clutter waste from your home or office to maintain cleanliness.
  • Trimming plants & mowing the lawn properly
  • Do not rely on DIYS if you notice pests; immediately avail professional pest control.

Calwell’s busy lifestyle may be a reason for you to overlook your pest issues but in order to prevent hazards to life & property in near future it is crucial to avail professional help from experts like Secure Pest Control. We have been leading the market by providing top notch & timely services to our customers. For long lasting & effective pest control in Calwell call us at 0251400051

Frequently Asked Questions at Secure Pest Control Canberra

1. Should we vacate the space during the treatment?

There is no need to vacate the space unless it is an extreme case. Our team suggests vacating the entire home/ office if needed; usually they inspect the infested area and inform you prior to treatment.

2. I have a cat. What if she licks the treated area?

The insecticides or chemical splash is allowed to completely penetrate into the space & dry. Once the solution has dried the process is considered to be complete. Also the insecticides used are completely eco- friendly and pet & child safe.

3. What if it rains after the treatment? Will the solution wash away?

No, the solution applied is allowed to completely dry & seep into the affected area hence it will not wash away with rain water and has a long lasting effect on pests.

4. What if we are not satisfied with your services?

At Secure Pest Control we aim to gain 100% customer satisfaction hence if you are not satisfied with our job we reapply the treatment to give you a pest free home.

5. I see pests even after the treatment, why?

It takes time for the gel or insecticide to show results. After a week or two you will find dead pests as a result of treatment. Our solutions are full proof; so once the treatment is done you need not worry about pests anymore

6. Do you also help in removing dead animals?

Yes we provide dead animal removal services as well. We remove dead squirrels, skunks, rodents, rats, mice etc from your home/office.

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