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Moths are harmless creatures but once they get into your home or workplace they can cause damage to fabric & food items. They can be controlled only by availing professional moth control. Canberra’s most preferred company for pest control is Secure Pest Control.

Secure Pest Control has been serving successful moth & other pest control services to both domestic & commercial clients. Pest control of any kind is a critical task but for our experienced & well equipped team it’s as easy as a piece of cake. So if you are looking for reliable moth control in Canberra hire Secure Pest Control.

Professional Moth control Canberra

Moths are not really harmful to humans but they can cause damage to food & fabric in your house. Businesses like bakeries & flour mills suffer heavy loss due to moth infestation. Moreover they feed upon fabrics and damage them. Their caterpillars cause nuisance at home/office; besides this it is very difficult to get away with moth infestation. They usually enter the house through fabrics. There are thousands of species of moths existing on this planet.

  • It is very important to get professionals involved in the extermination for two reasons:
  • They have knowledge of pests and insecticides that eradicate pests from your home.
  • They are experienced & well equipped with the latest technology to perform the task.
  • Professional treatment from Secure Pest Control can help you save a lot of time & energy in the long run.

Demerits of moth infestation

  • Moths do not spread diseases or health risks but they do cause damage in other forms. The demerits of moth infestation in home or at office are:
  • Moths multiply rapidly & leave no space untouched. They can even lay eggs everywhere in your house.
  • They contaminate your food with their feces and consumption of such food can cause illness.
  • They ruin fabrics like curtains, blankets, clothes etc. when you come in contact with such contaminated fabric you are likely to develop skin allergies
  • Their hair can even cause nasal congestion or asthma while they are in their caterpillar stage.
  • Moth identification is time consuming and they spread rapidly; before you know it they must have already finished damaging food & fabric in your home/office.

Process of moth control Canberra

Moths are difficult to handle hence our team at Secure Pest Control has designed a three step process to leave your moth problem behind you:

  • Inspection- Our experts schedule inspection as per your convenience. The team will carefully monitor the house for infestation in order to determine the plan of action.
  • Treatment- Once they confirm the pest & find out possible entrances for pests they blend pesticides as per your needs and spray it all over the infested area. The solution is allowed to dry.
  • Aftercare- After the solution has dried completely they clean the area and seal cracks if they notice them. Also moth growth regulators are sprayed in all possible entrances to prevent pest infestation in future.

Signs you have moths at home/office

  • In order to prevent moth infestation it is very important to be alert. Moth identification plays a vital role here. Some signs of moths include:
  • Adults moths seen crawling around the house is the most visible sign of infestation
  • If you detect small moths in your pantry or kitchen area it means you need moth control in Canberra.
  • Cocoons & white caterpillars slowly transform into moths. So if you notice any, get professional help without any delay.
  • Yellow spots on fabrics & holes in fabrics are also an indicator of moth existence.
  • Larvae of moths that look like silky tubes in corners or spaces out of reach means moths exist in your home/office.

Simple tips to prevent moths

  • Preventive measures beforehand can save you the time & energy of getting a moth control treatment. Our experts at Secure Pest Control suggest some valuable tips in order to prevent moth infestation.
  • Moths survive easily in dark & moist spaces so make sure there is proper air ventilation & sunlight inside the house.
  • Vacuuming the pantry regularly along with other rooms & living areas will also help reduce or prevent moths.
  • Clothes and fabrics of all kinds must be stored properly in a clean & sealed space or wardrobe.
  • Do not leave boxes of fabrics or food in storage rooms or garages.
  • Try storing food & clothes in airtight containers or zipper packets respectively.
  • Moth balls should be placed in moth prone areas to prevent infestation. But beware of the strong chemical odor mothballs carry.
  • Use of screens on windows & doors can also help prevent flying moths from entering your home/office.

Secure Pest control aims to provide you with the most feasible & effective pest control services so that you can enjoy a pest free & healthy living or work space. We are always happy to solve your queries. For more details drop us a mail or call us at 0251400051

Why pick us for moth control?

  • Canberra is popular for its nature reserves due to which most of our clientele often face pest outbreak in their homes. Our experienced team has been leading the market by serving distinctive pest control. By hiring us you get:
  • Qualified technicians- our team is trained and qualified in pest control treatment and ensures unmatched & long lasting results after the treatment.
  • Organic insecticides- The insecticides & chemical combinations sprayed in your home are completely organic and do not cause any harm to life and property.
  • Customized solutions- We provide tailor-made solutions for your pest infestation problem. Your needs & the extent of damage is taken into consideration before shaping the process.
  • Emergency services- we understand how annoying pests are and how you might need prompt services. Hence we serve timely pest control on weekends & public holidays as well. We also serve same day service to our clients
  • Pocket-friendly rates- Moth control in Canberra at our rate is a steal. We do not over charge and we provide free pretreatment inspection.


Why are moths harmful to humans?

Moths contaminate food in the house & that can cause illness or even skin allergies.

What food items can moths contaminate?

Most common food items that moths contaminate are cereals, coffee, cocoa powder, flour, grains etc

Do moths have different species?

Apparently moths have twenty thousand different species. Australian moths are the common ones found in Canberra.

Where exactly do you treat?

We try to cover the entire house but infested area, spaces out of reach and possible entry or breeding spaces are mainly in focus when it comes to moth control Canberra.

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